(formerly Cher)
Adopted October 14, 2011

She has turned out to be the best dog! She is the greatest company, and goes everywhere with me. Every night, it's out the door for a 3-1/2 mile walk!

 Dear Loving Pet Inn Adoptions,

It has now been a year since I adopted my two dogs from you.   I want to give you an update on their progress and show a few pictures of them.

In case you need to refresh your memory, I adopted two terrier mixes named Fred and Willow a year ago this month. 

As I informed you in my application, my previous dog lived with me for 14 years and when I lost him, I told myself that I would wait a long time until I got another one.  When friends and family would ask about the possibility of me getting another dog, I kept telling them that I wasn't looking or wanting one.  But secretly, I began looking at dogs up for adoption on the internet.    I first saw the picture of Fred and Willow around the first of October last year.  Although I kept telling myself, and others, that I still wasn't wanting another dog, something about that picture of Fred and Willow made me check on them every week on your website.  And each week, I was amazed that they were still available. 

Finally, during the first week of December, I realized that I was in serious denial:  not only did I want a dog, but I also needed a dog in my life.  And why not two dogs that would keep each other company while I was at work?  Immediately, I checked on your website, and to my incredible luck, Fred and Willow were still available.  Within a week, they were home with me and I changed their names to Linus and Lucy.

What a year it has been.  The description on your website said that they needed a patient person who could teach them how to trust.  It did take awhile for them to fully trust me.  I had to put in a lot of effort in socializing them to new places and experiences since they did not have that from their previous owner.  They had very little exposure to the leash or riding in cars.  The first few days, they both had the "stubborn donkey stance" when I took them on walks.  They were terrified of everything:  parked cars, signs, garbage cans, etc.    On the third day, they saw a rabbit on the walk and that changed everything.  After that, they realized that walks were interesting.  Now they get walks every day and almost drag me in their eagerness.   I power walk for the majority of my exercise and these dogs are the perfect walking companions.  Once, after walking 5 miles at a time, I was the tired one—not them!

Linus was so terrified of cars that he would vomit every time he was in the car.   Driving to the dog park helped him get over that.  He realized that there was something fun at the end of the drive.  Now, they both jump in the car without hesitation and I can drive with them anywhere.

Their first view of the Atlantic Ocean was memorable.  Once we walked over the last dune and saw the waves for the first time, the dogs simply stood and stared.     Terriers aren't normally water-loving dogs and Linus and Lucy are no exception.  But they now love to walk along the shore with me and see the birds and other wildlife.   I have life jackets for them when we kayak in the canals. 

Nearly every day, I marvel at my luck in getting these particular dogs.   The time, love, and patience I have given them have been returned tenfold.  They are so full of life, affectionate and loving.   If anyone was to ask me about adopting a rescued dog, I would recommend it.  Give love and patience to a rescued dog and they may rescue you right back.

Happy Holidays,

Christine Poulsen


Just to say, we could not have special ordered a better dog!  Our family loves Jodi!

She is the sweetest little girl and the kids (and Greg and I) have fallen in love with her in the past few days.  If the next two weeks go as well as the past few days, I can definitely say Jodi will become a Davis.

Thanks for all of your help.       ~ The Davis's


He is blind in one eye and doesn't see well out of the other one. He is about a nine year old Chihuahua mix. We think he is PERFECT! I was half way across the country on business and there was an adoption fair at the apartment complex my company had provided for me. I went out to walk my other dog I have had for 8 years, also a petfinder rescue, and looked over just as Dara (the owner of Loving Pet Inn Adoptions-High Point) picked up Felipe to take him back to the shelter (then Phillipe). I was hooked.

I went home that night and read all about him on Petfinder and contacted LPIA. We did a "trial visit" and after a few days I called Dara crying. I thought he was so precious, but there was no way he would have been happy in New York City. He was completely overwhelmed and afraid of so many things. Shiny floors, stairs, furniture, the dishwasher, people passing by him closely, other dogs. His whole body would lock up. I could never picture him on the sidewalks of Manhattan with bicycles, trucks, big dogs, and street performers. His caption should have read, "I'm a little ole' guy in a great big world!"

Since he had been in the shelter for year already, I thought maybe I could help make him more adoptable for someone else and get him accustomed to daily life with a family. I don't know how so much heart got crammed into 12 pounds of pooch. It was like he heard my phone call and decided to prove to me he could take on NYC and "make it there". You could see him working to conquer his fears every day in every way. "I WILL put this foot on that shiny floor." "I WILL lift my leg and put it on that step." "Vacuum cleaner? Bring it ON!" Now his caption read "I think I can, I think I can!" By the end of ten days, I saw SUCH GROWTH in his whole outlook. I was so touched by his spirit and amazed by his courage. Now THAT is a New Yorker! I happily made another call to Dara begging her to trust me with his safety and care.

I started taking him around town in North Carolina and getting the basics for him. Every shop I took him into, someone said, "Is THAT Phillipe?". I'm not kidding! He was famous. He had been to so many adoption fairs and others had considered him on Petfinder, but because of his age and challenges, it wasn't a good fit...until me. In an effort to help him fit into his new neighborhood, I changed his name from the French version to the Spanish one. We got him a "safety orange" vest so people can see him coming (since he doesn't always see them) and they can be careful not to step on him. There are a lot of Spanish people that live in our neighborhood and they ALL love that we paid homage to that with his name. Now he is in NYC and still famous! As we walk down the sidewalk in his bright orange vest, with Maezy (my other rescue) being the "seeing eye dog" leading the way for him, store owners yell out, "Fe-LIP-EEEE!!!" He is home.

We look forward to all the things he will teach us about bravery and a gusto for life and love.
     ~ Elizabeth Rouse



Last spring I decided that my wonderful Maltese dog Louie needed a 'friend'.  I had always wanted a little female Maltese. When I found out that Loving Pet Inn Adoptions had rescued a number of dogs from a puppy mill situation and Maltese were among them, I just had to see for myself.  I had to know if the little girl with the long flowing hair that I had dreamed about, was among those rescued and up for adoption. After passing the requirements, I was approved for adoption and off I went to find my little princess.

When I got to Loving Pet Inn I was immediately impressed with the clean and wonderful facility. There were dogs of every kind and shape. Dara Lamberson, the owner, met me and after a few more exchanges we decided to go out in the yard.  She let all of the Maltese out to greet us.

What I saw I will never forget.  My dreams of a little white dog with long silky fur were soon dashed. Out ran 8-10 little white Maltese dogs all right!  They were cleaned up, vetted, but as a result of their former home, they were in various stages of 'disrepair'. They had been at Loving Pet Inn for a week or so, were doing well and seemed happy, but many were obviously still underweight and lacking a lot of fur.  Because they had been so neglected their fur had been very matted so much of it had to be clipped short and even shaved in places.

One dog in particular was especially pathetic. She was the tiniest, very thin, weighting in at only 4.4 lbs, totally clipped down, and toothless causing her little pink tongue to hang out the side of her mouth. Apparently what few teeth she had left had to be removed because they were rotten.  She had several tumors on her tummy that had been removed as well. I am ashamed to say that she was not a dog I wanted to consider.

SHE, however, had another idea.  As I sat in the grass watching them play, Carmella (now Lulu) turned around and when she saw me she ran and jumped in my lap and licked my face and would NOT give up her seat on my lap.  I had been chosen. This pathetic little white bag of bones with the little pink tongue hanging out of her mouth had chosen me and the rest is history.  I took her home that day and cut up a knee sock to make a coat for her to keep her warm because even extra small pet store sweaters were too big. Slowly but surely I watched her morph into the beautiful little dog I had dreamed of.

Today, almost a year later she has become an integral part of our animal family. She is healthy and happy, weighs in at a healthy 5.9 pounds, and is a great family pet and companion for her big brother Louie. Her little tongue still hangs out of the side of her mouth as there are no teeth to hold it in, but now that her fur is growing back it is not as obvious.  We would not have her any other way.  We think she's kinda cute that way.

If you have never considered adopting a special needs animal you should, even if they don't pick you first!
  ~ Margaret